They came to install the satellite internet on the day of the blizzard. There is a phrase that people use often here that seems fitting for this type of situation, “Only in Iqaluit”.

The process took 6 hours…not for the satellite to go up, but from the time the technicians showed up to the time I could surf the web, 6 hours went by. All the while…snowy blizzard outdoors with winds up to 100km/h. I find it a bit ironic that they make you wait two months to hook you up, and then choose a day there’s a blizzard to do it!! By the time I had internet, I was exhausted and wanted nothing to do with the computer! It was a classic scenario around here…the technicians had to go back to their office because a piece wasn’t working. When they came back, they found that the piece they picked up didn’t work either! So they had to go to the store, to pick up a new piece…then I had to go to the store to pick up a wireless router since the information the guys at the store told me was wrong : the modem is not wireless, etc, etc… I don’t really need to go through all the details, because it was pretty much back and forth all night…

All to say, I am glad to now have INTERNET!

L’appartement commence à prendre forme, et je m’habitue à ma nouvelle routine. Patrick et les chats vont arriver bientôt…et j’ai vraiment hâte de les avoir tous avec moi dans notre nouvelle belle maison :)

Je suis allée à un magasin “designer” en fin de semaine et je me suis payé la traite!!! Les mitaines en peau de foque!!! WOW!!! :D Et j’en ai acheté une paire à Patrick aussi pour sa fête!

My artic-proof mittens:


Patrick’s manly mittens:

Une amie et moi avons prit une petite promenade à Apex, la seule autre “place” à visiter. La marche est superbe! La toundra des deux bords, la neige, le beaux temps! C’est magnifique! Je marche tellement ce temps si (je n’ai pas le choix…ma belle voiture est toujours à Montréal)…quelqu’un veut me prendre sur leur équipe de défi-santé cette année?? Je vous garantie, on gagne!

Here are a few nice pictures of my walk to Apex, the “suburb” where the design store is.

Alors c’est tout pour ce soir! Bonne nuit!



4 thoughts on “Re-connected!

  1. Salut Chris, belles photos!!! Et pis la job, le chef n’est pas trop malcommode? S’il chiale trop… assomme-le avec un phoque congelé!

    Take care
    Bye là!

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