Random Winter Things

We’ve been settling in quite comfortably. Pat is very happily working at NuSchool, (www.nuschool.ca) a design agency in Iqaluit, and I myself am making good progress with my work at the hospital. I am getting to know people a little better, and starting to feel more and more at home :)

Here are a few fun images ;)

Remember Ruby? Our favourite neighbour?

YUM! Caribou leg!!!


Local Craft’s Fair

Playing games :) People like to play games here, and I LIKE these kinds of games!!

Something that we want to get into, is skiing! The number of times Pat or I have gone skiing could probably be counted on one hand, therefore it is needless to say that we do not have equipment…but we are hopeful to find someone here with skis for sale or order some boots and skis online that will fit the first time! …I’ll let you know if it works out!

That’s it for now! Unfortunately I don’t have any recent pictures of anything…it has been too cold the entire month of January and February. Now that the days feel so long (6:30AM to 5:20PM, doesn’t seem long to you, but that much daylight for me is just a wonderfully happy thing!) and the temperature getting a bit warmer, it has been easier to be outside. I will keep my eyes open for some fun pictures in the near future :)




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