October 25th

I am doing fine.

Sorry for my long absence. I’ve been without internet for a while, and find it difficult to get access. I found a coffee shop that has wireless internet, but it “stolen” internet, because the WIFI is for guests only and I just happened to get the password. It has sort of “tainted” the desire to go there to surf online, FB, etc. Thus, I am writing this post in advance, and if it ever makes it online, it’s because I “borrowed” a connection from our friendly neighbourhood hotel to upload it!

Quite a few things have happened since my departure from the hotel. It has been several weeks already! I have received all of my furniture and boxes, and have set up 3/4 of the apartment. For now, the office room is a pile of boxes filled with stuff that needs to a) go to the office or b) belongs to either the cats or Patrick. Needless to say, it’s stuffed in there and the door stays shut! If I ever feel like tackling it, I will, but quite honestly I wish to wait for Patrick’s arrival to fix up the last little bit.

i’ve been reading more than I have since the months that I lived in Costa Rica. I barely recognize myself because I practically live only for my books! I used to proclaim nothing but displeasure for reading, but now, all I want to do once work is done is hurry home, and, throughout supper I look forward only to the chance to sit and re-enter the world of whichever novel I have. In fact…probably the only reason i am typing this blog post right now is due to the fact that I finished my book last night, and now I have no more to read. : ( So, if any of you have a good book that you wouldn’t mind parting with, I would LOVE to have it!! haha. Also, if you have any recommendations, please do respond to this post and recommend them!

I had intended on going to the library today, and the museum…but I find that I am utterly lazy over the weekends, and don’t wish to walk all the way to the library. I am sure that one of these weeks, my boredom will outweigh my laziness and take me outside.

On that note, I haven’t really done a lot of exploring. I do what I have to do, in order to get settled, and I am busy learning the tricks of the trade for getting a hold on good food! There is a decent variety here in the stores, but everything is at a price! The meat is the most expensive, and therefore I tend to favour vegetarian meals…for now at least. Soon, when the whether stays cold enough (for now it is still fluctuating between + and – zero) I will make a giant order of meat that will last us the winter. I have an unheated porch, and I intend to use this room as an extra freezer for the winter months! There is a decent variety of fresh vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, celery, carrots, sweet peas, green beans, lettuce and cabbage, and if you are willing to pay, you can have it all! I pay for it, a girl’s gotta eat!

I took out my old keyboard. It’s been years since I’ve placed my fingers on it. I’ve set it up in the living room right up against this one piece of wall that seemed very bear. It looks like it belongs there. I started practicing a bit today, to warm up my fingers and get them used to moving about. I wish to learn more. I’ll have to get some music sheets of songs that I already know so that I can re-train myself to read the music.

Anyway guys. The internet connection is pretty slow and so no time for uploading pictures! Sorry!!! Next time!

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