Merry Christmas and happy new year!

The holidays are already over! Although my happy wishes to everyone comes a little late, but they are no less sincere!

Things here in Iqaluit are going very well. Christmas was spent with some new friends and their children. We had a lovely traditional turkey meal with all the trimmings and tasty desserts!! Pat and I made a yule log, but rolled it like a stump instead of the classic log! it was very unique and pretty tasty too!

I was in the Iqaluit Christmas Parade!! I “marched” with other colleagues of mine dressed up as presents! We were the “Gifts of Qikiqtani General Hospital”!! As the parade started we took our spot, but then the car in front of us took off super fast! There was no way for us to keep up…although we tried!!! I bunch of boxes running down the main road, trying to pitch candy canes (except our boxes made it impossible to touch our fingers together). We looked ridiculous! This whole fiasco did not last long at all…a pick up truck came to the rescue and loaded all the boxes (us) into the back and we raced to re-join the parade. That was when I understood…we were the ONLY walkers in the parade!


New Year’s Eve was a beautiful occasion as well! We were invited to our friend’s party. The table was full of awesome ordeuvres, and our first moments of 2012 were spent watching fireworks in the neighbour’s backyard. They were really impressive!!! They reminded me of the ones we used to watch over the Chateauguay river as a child. Really big, amazing fire works, with pauses between each one. :)

The month of January was cold but the days are getting longer and longer, which seems to make everything a little easier to handle! The month flew by, just as was the case for all of you I am sure!

As of now, I am in fact in Ottawa for a paediatric training in Nutrition Management. This makes me SO VERY HAPPY! I had a chance last weekend to visit my family and do some shopping in Montreal, but the time was extremely brief, so if you’re reading this and I didn’t see you over the weekend, know that it isn’t because I don’t love you! I DO love you! I just only had time to see family and run errands.

Happy February People!

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