It’s here!

And so it begins…WINTER has begun!

My old definition of winter was when the snow would start falling and the weather go below zero. That definition doesn’t adapt well to North of 60! The snow started falling here in September and the temperature has been below zero ever since! My new definition of winter is, “when it is cold enough for icicles to form around the edges of my eyelashes”. It isn’t quite as easy to identify as “when the snow falls”, however when it happens, you know it’s here!

Winter IS finally here! It has been at least three days in a row in which my eyelashes froze together at the edges of my eyes and my buggers inside my nose would harden and feel tight inside my nose!

Today the weatherman announced -38 with the windchill…Brrrr! But believe me or not (I would not be likely to believe me either in your shoes), it wasn’t really that cold! Ok….besides the icicles at the edges of my eyes and the crunchy snot…I didn’t feel that awful cold that goes through your coat and into your bones! I did dress for the occasion, my glorious morning walk to work…long johns, jeans and gortex wind breaker, winter coat, hat, hood, thin gloves and big mitts over them (my hands get easily cold). Regardless, the sun shone brightly today (Sunset at 2:15pm) which gave a beautiful light into my office and put a nice warm smile on my face :)

The one real bonus to the “dark” season, and with winter’s arrival, are the Northern Lights :) They were spectacular this afternoon on my walk home! The photos below were taken around 4:45pm. In the Eastern Arctic, the Northern Lights are mostly greenish, and not multicoloured like in the Western Arctic (or so they say…). I managed to take a few photos of them…the pictures are limited but are exciting to look at nonetheless! Soon…when Patrick arrives with his awesome camera, we’ll be able to show much more impressive photos!!

 The photo below is taken right in my backyard! I was playing with Ruby (neighbour’s dog) underneath this dancing light.

My new look…

Well…that’s it for today! I wrote this post last night but I am only finishing it this morning. I just checked the weather…-38 again today! (-27 without the wind chill factor)

Have a great day everyone!

2 thoughts on “It’s here!

  1. Salut Chris, très cool les photos. Ce qui est bien avec une température comme celle la c’est tu peux prendre ta bière sur la galerie sans qu’elle se réchauffe trop vite :)

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