Gorgeous day!

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day! It was snowing yesterday but then today it was so sunny and beautiful that I could walk around with my coat open! All the snow around town has melted, and the only signs of winter live up in the high mountains on the other side of the bay.

The sky is the most magnificent thing here…SO vast! I wish my camera could show you what it really looks like up here!

(This was on my way home from the hospital)

I walked around after work and watched some kids playing basketball in a small court behind what looks like maybe an elementary school. Then I ran into a few young girls playing with caps (making them snap with rocks) by a playground.



I walked by a house where an old Inuit couple were feeding their dog. I was too shy to take pictures…but I regret not doing so. The dog was a gorgeous silver colour with a big curly tail up onto his back. He had a big cage outside (attached to the house) and a little dog house for shelter. It looked as though perhaps the house was for breeding…I hoped that maybe there would be little pups in there, but…no such luck! The woman was in the cage, cleaning up and feeding the dog. It was nice to see this old man and woman take care of their dog…in the end there was nothing out of the ordinary going on…but that didn’t bother me, because I took great pleasure this particular ordinary moment.

I went to find out about internet in Iqaluit. People told me that it was upstairs in “Ventures”. Well, “Ventures” is really called Arctic Ventures, and it’s a grocery store. This store is known for its selection of Indian curry sauces and specialty goods. The shelves seemed rather barren today, and the selection of fresh produce wasn’t all very fresh anymore. I went up the stairs to the electronics store, “The Source”, but instead came face to face with a sign that read’ “Video Shack” (there you go Pat! I found it!). To my left, there was another entrance into what looked like the little girl’s clothing section of Zellers…”ummm, this can’t be it.” A nice woman overheard me and helped me out. She told me that “The Source” was across the grocery store, and up the stairs on the other side! “oh….how….logical!” That’s when I noticed that the 2nd story didn’t actually connect! There are actually two sets of stairs that lead up to 2 separate 2nd floors…Anyway, I made it to “The Source” and the guy there gently broke the news to me that the best download speed I could get was 2Mbps, and the fastest upload in Iqaluit was 500kbps, and this….all for the moderate cost of 172$ per month. I was speechless.


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